Wire Trainer

Makendra Silverman is a wire-turning, riding, writing, dancing, running, biking, cooking, creating, learning, loving, teaching, recycling, backpacking, gardening kind of gal. She graduated from Colorado College with a bachelors of arts degree in Biology and has enjoyed studying Flammulated Owls in Colorado as well as Swahilli (and wildlife) in Tanzania (blog here). She grew up in Southern Oregon and still feels at home in the Siskiyou mountains and mountain lakes. Since 2003 Makendra has made Colorado home, from the highest peaks to the sage flats and red rock canyons!

Makendra was the Associate Producer for Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions (released on PBS’s NATURE series in the fall of 2009). She was the Associate Director of the Cloud Foundation from 2007-2010 and is currently a board member for this Foundation that works to protect and preserve America’s wild horses and burros.

Makendra enjoyed training two mustangs, Arrow and her son, Arroyo. Arrow, the granddaughter of the famous stallion, Cloud, was rounded up and removed by the Bureau of Land Management from the wild in the fall of 2009 along with over 50 other horses from the small Pryor herd. This herd is currently at a population level below what is necessary to sustain them into the future. You can learn more about this herd and our other remaining wild horse herds in the West by visiting, www.TheCloudFoundation.org

Makendra worked at Across the Diagonal Farm in Carmel Valley, California under Jennifer Roth ‘S’ Dressage Judge, rider and trainer in 2000 and 2003 to study the art of dressage and horse training. It is Jennifer who named these little wire horses “Livewires”- thanks Jen! Living and riding with the Lipizzaner horses (and a bunch of others at the stable) was a lifelong dream.  Makendra is currently a 4th grade teacher, working toward her Masters in Elementary Education. She enjoys making Livewires and sharing the little wire sculptures with folks around the world.

Makendra lives in Colorado with her wonderful family, her super-dog “Fiddle”, some wonderful egg-laying hens and a rather round cat, “Petra”.