“Your Livewires have arrived.  I LOVE THEM!  Thank you so much. The craftsmanship and beauty of your Livewires creations is much nicer in person than what the photos show on the internet.  I also appreciate that you package your Livewires in wonderfully simple, yet perfectly charming gift-styled boxes, making them ready to give for any occasion.  You present yourself as a professional businesswoman who takes great pride in her work. It has been a pleasure.”

“Thank you Makendra….you are always so willing and accommodating.  I think that is part of the reason I love to pass these on as gifts to my favorite people-it is a happy thing from start to finish!”

“They are the best darned gift this year!”

“My friend bought one for me and every time I see it bouncing on my rearview mirror I smile.  I love it.”