How it all began

After having seen a wire artist crafting big, loopy armadillos out of wire on Reading Rainbow (a public television show) I decided to make a horse out of wire. I was 12 years old and everything came back to horses. Sitting on a hay bale in the barn aisle, under the watchful gaze of a wise Appaloosa/Thoroughbred mare “Holly”, I made the first Livewire out of some scrap baling wire. I don’t think that either Holly or I realized that this horse with spring-like legs would lead to all this! With the encouragement of family and friends, I started “Livewires” to pay for college some eight years later.

Over the past 15 years Livewires have evolved to what you see today: unique and whimsical wire horse ornaments and sculptures. My mom suggested I add beads in 2002 and the first sculpture was made as a horse show award. Since then, we’ve been on a roll!

Now each Livewire is handmade from quality copper wire and all are available in a variety of colors. I work from my small garage studio nicknamed “Utah” and look out at Pikes Peak (14,110’ tall) and far below that, my vegetable garden. I try to make each Livewire with the spirit of all the horses whom I love. As a result, Livewires make wonderful gifts for both avid horse-lovers and those who simply admire horses from afar.